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Learn How To Learn

University or college life can be significantly different to school. During my first semester I could really see the difference. Some student were expecting the professors to give them a specific list of topics to learn, texts to read, exercise to do. We are trained in school to repeat the teacher. In reality professors expect the students to organize their work load themselves. Unfortunately some students get overwhelmed by this huge shift. They think they are not good enough. The truth is nobody knows these subjects. If you want to make it, you need to do the work. There are 3 factors that influence intelligence: neuronal speed, knowledge and strategy. Neuronal speed is given at birth. You think as fast as you think. Knowledge is what you gain during your life. The more you are reading and learning, the higher your knowledge and the more intelligent you will be. If you are a slow thinker you need to invest more time, but you will get there. The last one is actually were you can really tweak your success. By using brain hacks you can boost your productivity and creativity.


The management trainer Vera F. Birkenbihl introduced strategies for brain- friendly learning. These are based on the natural working principles of our brains. My start-up is working on a study app for the iPad, which you could use for revision your lectures, structuring your work and tracking your progress. Not only will this make your studying more effective, but more importantly you can enjoy working and become self-motivated. Most of the energy we wast for procrastination. If you are motivated and like it, procrastination is actually impossible.

Your Advantanges

  • easy to start your training and set your goals  
  • get an idea about your state of knowledge  
  • built on top of your existing knowledge, we know that the learning process is for everyone different  
  • get feedback about your progress  
  • Don’t know were to start? - learn to structure your learning, find out what is essential   
  • become better in your chosen topic  
  • make better creative ideas faster  
  • need help to write your exam thesis? - learn to structure your work and find a starting point
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